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I’m Just a Girl in the World

Women are arguably the most powerful beings in the world.  Having to face and rise above adversity, multi-tasking through life and continually problem solving are capabilities that are just about hardwired into our beings.  We are built to overcome and persevere through the world’s most difficult, tragic and strenuous situations life has to throw at us and survive them.  Girl power is without a doubt the strongest of powers in our universe.

However, power in numbers is something we do not possess in construction or even corporate America.  When I look around and survey my counterparts in this business, I am typically a 1 in X number of people in most situations.  The minority by a long shot, as the internet reminds us that only 1 in every 10 people in construction are female.  It’s no wonder my akin gender is so few and far between on the job site.  But what I have noticed is that when the one in ten of us actually speak and show our value, we are heard like a roaring tiger in the proverbial jungle.  All it takes is a little knowledge to substantiate your value.  This trumps all stereotypes, predispositions and haters every time.

During this Women in Construction week, I want to thank and encourage all of my female counterparts for their contributions and perseverance in an industry that has only just begun to welcome us with open arms.  We are just at the beginning… and may feel sometimes like we are just one outnumbered girl in a world full of big burly boys, but we are not alone!  Start looking around, find your fellow tribe members and embrace them, bond with them.  After all, the only thing better than one really fierce woman in a room of ten is two (or three or four or ten)!

BIG #shoutout to the girl power at CRS that makes Schmidt happen on the daily.