True professionals since 1986

C.R. Schmidt has been in business and enjoyed a wonderful reputation as a hardscape installation expert since 1986. We have done a variety of different types of projects, both large and small, both straight forward and complex; and treat every one of them as if it was our featured job.

We install only pavers and segmental wall block, all day every day and choose to specialize in this area because we are dedicated to excellence in this field. We choose to be an expert (and not a jack of all trades) because we care about delivering beautiful, lasting installations for our customers and their clients.

C.R. Schmidt also speaks your language! We aren’t afraid of words like addendum, punch (ouch!) list or the ever scary – retention! We have the experience and where withal in the commercial construction market to facilitate your project like a true professional. And we understand the importance of this to get your job done correctly, efficiently and smoothly.