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Is a landscaper the same as a brick paver?

C.R. Schmidt specializes in a variety of different types of paver installation methods and we are “fluent,” if you will, in all of them. We make every effort to be aware of new products, installation methods and techniques within our industry so we are sure to be up to date on current trends and technology. We know what we do, inside and out, and are here to support your project so it gets completed correctly and on time (and so everyone gushes over the beauty when we are done!).

Not all pavers are created equal and not all installers are created equal.

C.R. Schmidt has the capability and experience to install several different types of unit paver (or sometimes referred to as “non-pervious”) applications.  We have experience in sand set pavers, bituminous set pavers and pedestal/tab set pavers.  Additionally, we have experience with various types of materials, such as concrete pavers, clay pavers, granite pavers, limestone pavers and slab pavers and have worked with the best paver manufacturers across the nation. Hardscape designs can sometimes be complex, but there is nothing our talented and experienced staff cannot handle. Keeping up with the latest technology of the industry, we own our very own paver laying machine.  This allows our paver installations to be more efficient and more competitively priced as well.  This way of installing pavers takes skill and our trained staff has it.  What used to take months can now be accomplished in weeks.  How can this help your project?

Go Green!

C.R. Schmidt made it a point years ago to plunge into this new and exciting paver installation concept and technology.  What a fascinating technology this is and we are amazed at its success and growing in popularity and preference!  It was a natural addition for us, as we had already been traditional paver installers for a couple of decades.
Permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) is a bit of a different animal when compared with traditional unit paver installations and applications.  This technology consists of a draining (permeable) system that allows for water flow through the pavement and to achieve several other environmental benefits.  To learn more about PICP, check out the following by clicking here. C.R. Schmidt invested in the knowledge, experience and equipment for this type of paver system so we could offer this service to our clients in the only acceptable way we could – the best way!  Check out our paver laying machine in action on one of our permeable paver installation projects!

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