Retaining Walls

Do you need a segmental block retaining wall builder or a block stacker?

Constructing block retaining walls should not be left to the faint hearted.  Some of these structures can reach heights over 20’ tall!  And we have built them.

C.R. Schmidt has experience in several different applications and projects that involved the installation of segmental block retaining walls.  We have installed both small, primarily decorative retaining walls and also large, structurally complex systems that require reinforcement and engineering.  C.R. Schmidt has built walls that held up roadways, buildings and even a helicopter pad!

Our C.R. Schmidt staff designs every wall project in-house, so we know exactly what the project takes to bid the installation properly.  We are the only block wall installer, to our knowledge, which offers this.  We do not rely upon any other takeoffs or wall designs by others when it comes to evaluating a block wall installation.  This ensures we know (and you know!) up front what is required and minimizes any potential changes after the time of award.

No two sites are the same and each property and project has their very own laundry list of constraints, concerns and conditions.  And we have seen them all.  We have installed a variety of different types of block wall systems, including multi-piece systems and larger unit systems.  We have also installed in a variety of different conditions such as, tiered walls, pond walls and walls that require fencing.  We work with civil and structural engineers during the “stamping” process so that all elements are considered in the final engineering plan for the wall.  It is because of this knowledge and expertise that C.R. Schmidt has NEVER experienced a wall failure in our 24 year history.