Whatever happened to the hand shake deal?  Or doing the right thing because it was the right thing to do (instead of a contract requirement)?  Do you miss this?  We sure do.  So, here at C.R. Schmidt we try our best to live and work by these standards still to this day.  We’ve got an old school feel with modern day ability and it works for our clients and our staff.

We love what we do, we love our clients, we love our employees and we love our associates.  And we hope it shows.  We understand that it takes a team of people to deliver a successful and lasting project and we make every effort to work with everyone involved to get the job done. It’s about delivering a superior installation and working tirelessly to get the job done right.  It’s about building structures AND building relationships. It’s the relationship that is the foundation for the building.  And we want you to know that we will support your project in any way we can.

C.R. Schmidt began as a true family business.  And our family has grown and become a part of our story and history.  We invite you to become a part of our family.  We’ll certainly be here waiting with open arms!

Olivia Lockett (The Brick ChickSM)


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