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Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend


I found myself thinking about labor with the honoree holiday on the horizon and what it means to me and the rest of this country.  To labor has various definitions…   as defined by Webster, we understand that labor means to work and it also defines the process of childbirth (the most miraculous kind of work that only women can provide – I don’t find that to be a coincidence).  Both are arguably the most important and treasured pastimes of the human species, directly providing us with life and the liberties to enjoy such lives.  No wonder this is a day that is to be celebrated. These are hugely important things to fulfill the hearts and minds and bellies of the human race.

I think about all the “work” we do every day at CRS and the myriad of tasks that are required and accomplished to keep everyone involved satisfied.  This does not come without consistently making great effort (labor in its verb form).  Our employees are the most dedicated people I know and their efforts provide for so many things (both physical and intrinsic in value and output).  It is the fruits of their labor that ultimately provide the most beautiful of aesthetic products and the most caring customer service that can be achieved in the hardscape world.  Our installers are nothing short of artists and our support staff are promise makers (and keepers) on a daily basis.  They make it all look too easy and effortless, but I intimately understand and appreciate all of the brain power, sweat and dedication that fuels those beautiful results.  Their labor, in its most pure form, is what provides the culture and results of this company that all of our associates have all become so accustomed to enjoying.

It is without wonder to me, a purveyor and lover of labor, that there is a holiday dedicated to this very process; of laboring.  For it brings out some of the most valued and desirable results that the human mind can dream up (and some that are so miraculous that we could not have possibly dreamed them up) and provides us with great pride and satisfaction; adding to the vibrancy of our ever changing lives.  So, I ask of everyone who has labored in their life, for one thing or another, to take a moment this Labor Day and appreciate the fruits of their labor and others labor too.  For it is this human effort that provides the very ideas, things and people that enrich our lives in ways that would not be possible without all of our labor.