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Home Sweet Home


As we have come to the end of another fruitful and fortunate year, I reflect back on the changes and exciting things that we have accomplished.  With each passing year, we realize that while some things change, other things inevitably do stay the same.  And that with those changes bring the pains of accepting and embracing that change which pushes us out of our safe little comfort zones and into areas that we never thought were humanly possible for us to exist within.  We learn to transcend the ruts and routines we cling onto so tightly and while it is scary on various levels and surrendering to newly laid plans is vigorously resisted, we can look back with pride and admiration for the hard work and bravery it took to get there.

This year was filled with changes and accomplishments.  We exceeded our largest annual revenue figures from 2015 this year, displaying growth and profitably that can be sustained.  We increased production and support by bringing on new and additional installation and administration staff members and increasing the size of our growing family.  And the biggest change we realized was the construction and occupancy of our very own headquarter building and property that we built from nothing.  This is the first time in the company’s 30 year history that we have all operated together, under one roof, that we truly get to call our own.  And while this house may have been built by the Brick Chick, it is her Paver Posse that has made it our home sweet home.

We will realize the utmost in increased coordination and efficiencies by being able to coexist with one another in one unified location.  We will be able to service our clients with added rapidness that will exceed our exceptional response times that we provided before.  Our processes will be streamlined and made more efficient to additionally control costs and be even more competitive in an ever growing space of construction.  We are excited to demonstrate our abilities to our clients, and show off the new digs as well.

This year, we established our home.  I unveil this to the public with a heart swollen with pride and appreciation and surrounded by nearly two dozen loyal and tired team members that enabled us to get here.  This house was built by them and for them and together we will make it our home.  In the fruits of our labor, we will ever believe.  We thank all of those who made this accomplishment possible and may the next new year also be as prosperous and generous to our associates in our business and in our lives.